Reintroducing Ourselves


members of the beaverbird team stand with a trophy they earned
We’re Beaverbird Media. We’ve been crushing the Lubbock advertising scene for almost two decades under the name Aycock Mediaworks. Now, we’re rebranded, reimagined, and re-styled as Beaverbird Media and are excited to reconnect with you. We are a bold, creative team led by Lubbockites and ready to unlock your brand’s potential and get you the attention you need to succeed. As a full-service advertising agency, we’ve got plenty of tools at our disposal:

Brand Building

We’re experts in crafting completely bespoke brands that win over the hearts and minds of your audience. From your logo to comprehensive design systems and more, Beaverbird Media knows how to develop a brand that stands out from the competition. Let’s turn your vision into a brand you’re proud to call your own.


Our video department is award-winning, armed with state-of-the-art equipment, and ready for any challenge. Stunning shots and precise drone footage bring your business to life before your audience’s eyes.

Graphic Design

Professionally executed graphic design communicates to your followers that you are passionate about your business; That you have a vision for your brand and are intent on putting your best foot forward every step of the way. Whether in print or digital formats, we ensure your brand is showcased beautifully, leaving a lasting impression.

Creative Content

Creativity is at the core of Beaverbird Media. We go beyond for our clients, providing them with valuable creative insights such as next-level on-the-ground suggestions or visionary video ideas. From Beaverbird Media, you can expect ideas that are crucial to elevating your brand’s presence.

Media Buying

Even with an amazing product, compelling graphic design, and eloquent messaging, your advertising hinges on having a thoughtful placement strategy. At Beaverbird Media, we specialize in media buying, hammering out all the details on your behalf and maximizing results while doing it. We can put your business in the spotlight using a variety of platforms, from traditional radio to streaming, and more!

Social Media

Meet your audience where they’re scrolling. Our experienced social media team ensures your message reaches the right viewers, employing highly targeted ads that resonate with your specific audience.
Plus, our agency is constantly growing, adding new services and team members to serve your brand even better! Beaverbird Media is committed to elevating your business in any way we can.