Your Dream Project!

Our Dream Team, Your Dream Project! Meet The Minds Behind Beaverbird Media.

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Beaverbird Media’s thoughtfully curated staff is hard at work artfully crafting campaigns to make your brand stand out. While we work our magic behind the curtain, meet the people responsible for keeping BBM creative!

Caleb Davis – Owner & Creative Director

Leading the way on all things creative is Caleb! Witty, highly collaborative, and thoughtful, our Creative Director’s knack for thinking beyond conventional boundaries sets the standard for our agency. You can often catch Caleb leading a lively creative meeting, infusing jokes, fresh ideas, and inventive spirit into the mix.

Janna Aycock – Account Executive & Media Buyer

Drawing from over three decades of advertising expertise, Janna knows the ropes better than anyone else. She founded our agency in 2007, demonstrating her entrepreneurial and ambitious spirit. Janna delivers top-quality results to our clients through strategic media buying practices. She is also incredibly warm, giving her an innate talent for forging social connections.

Joe Mullins – Producer & Director of Photographer

Joe has a great mind for artistic vision and consistently delivers big-picture results. His stunning videography skills are honed from years of technical expertise and onsite experience, making him an incredibly valuable asset to have behind the lens. He also has a calm energy and adaptability that make working with him a breeze.

Aly Solano-Garretson – Art Director

Our Art Director is an all-around creative. Her well-researched and meticulous approach to challenges is just one part of her multifaceted nature. Aly is totally in her element sketching up new designs for our clients, crafting a bespoke project pitch, or even copywriting.

Lyall Keen-Hammond– Account Executive

Our newest member of the team is Lyall, who brings a fresh and proactive approach to client acquisitions and relations. His friendly and outgoing nature is a great addition, whether he’s collaborating in our creative meetings or connecting with clients.
Follow along for behind-the-scenes glimpses, client successes, and industry tips straight from the experts at Beaverbird Media.